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Happy Homestuck Day and Happy Birthday to John Egbert! :D



You’ve both come so far and grown so much…

I am so so proud of you.

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Okay, so because of a very large number of reasons, the Flash Mob is being moved to April 13 of NEXT YEAR.

I’m sorry that this is a bit sudden but it took some time to sort that out and decide that it was the best option.

That gives everyone a whole nother year to prepare so please use the time wisely.

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Has anyone seen this? Or am I late to the party?

best part…they call him ““Shamdrew Hussatan”


what yall gotta say about this?

H A I L  H U S S I E

is that windows xp

I actually read this whole thing and I was too busy laughing at how stupid this person sounded.

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Are you going to make a list of characters that will be dancing in each song soon?
nekoengies asked

There isn’t going to be a specific character list, but i will list the types of characters in the song once the choreographer finishes with them.

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On the right of the text box where you type things there's box for tagging. You type a tag(for example: "Homestuck") then press enter. That's one tag.
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ok, i found that. thank you though. ^^

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Yeah, I think you should. People might be too lazy to click the link. And also you have to tag it to spread it around as much as you can.
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ok. i don’t know how to tag things (still learning how tumblr works). mind filling me in?

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Shouldn't you guys make an info post and try to spread it around?
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Sure, what exactly do you think should be on it? I gave the link to the OP that’s over on the MSPA forums that has all the info, do you think I should put that information on this page as well?

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Song List Set / Dances Being Made

The official song list is set in stone and our choreographer is starting to work on creating the dances.

They will be kept simple enough for everyone to learn and some will have multiple parts to them for different kinds of characters to make things interesting.

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Main Project Page

Here it is, this holds ALL of the details and the discussions held by those who have an MSPA forums account. If you have one please go there and talk about it. Send the link around where ever you can.